Field Day at Gloucester Point

From left to right, top row: Jim Morgan, WB4QEB (now W4QE) & future wife Diane; Biff Franks, WB4PMG & wife Paula, WB4VGI; Jim Worthington, WB4EKY (now AD4J) & first wife Louise; Helen & Lee Moyer, K4ISW. Bottom row: Gilbert DuVal, WA4CWM; Berry Gershenfeld, WA2QMI; Cathy Galfo, WB4SZE; Chris Galfo, WB4JMD; Jay Jackson, WA4AJF (now W4VG); Lee Garlock, WB4SCP
At the operating position: Jim Worthington (left) and Jay Jackson
Antenna install on the water
Two views of the shack.
At right, Lee Moyer stands in front of the shack.