Meeting, 14 Feb 2011

  • Attendees: Bert, Alex, Will, Mark, Ben
  • Dues collected: Alex, Will (collected previously), Pete (collected previous semester). Still owe: Matt, Kar, Mark
  • Discussed Emergency Comm. and Marge Sidebottom: Marge to give $2500 for tower; 1 drill/year to coordinate with W4UVA group; Later on more participation anticipated
  • Tower project updates: waiting for order to happen!
  • Licensing milestones: Alex upgraded to General, Mark upgraded to Extra, Will missed upgrade to Extra by one question
  • Winterfest: Mark and Bert going on Sunday the 28th, others doubtful or TBD
  • Antenna projects: TV antenna/amp to come down from silo (work on Friday); Need to do replacement for repeater antenna; Install 6m/2m/70cm whip for general use, on cable support mast at shack; OCF to be replaced with 80m dipole