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  • Router/internet: Bert put together equipment list for Benneche; sign posted on door warning of improper internet use/honor code violation; RF analysis done on rig and in building
  • Appropriations/banking: Will got BofA closed and direct deposit re-routed; money that remained in BofA was reimbursement to Will for chair purchases; GPS for HT and 2nd power supply still to be purchased pending download of form from @UVa
  • Foxhunt: Saturday between 11:30 and noon at Bodo's; checked out UVa fox and antennas (a 440 beam and 2m yagi both setup, second 2m yagi needs SO-239 to female SMA adapter for HTs), Icom battery charged up overnight; Mark's roommate likely to hide fox
  • Tower project: Tom and Bert spoke with Joseph Lahendro at facilities, but nothing heard back. Tom and Bert will try again Thursday 11/11. John Knight inquired about tower with William Thurneck (an associate dean in engineering)
  • History: Bert added more history to club website, including 1970s QSL cards (two more!), ARRL November Sweepstakes and Field Day scores for 1979 and 1980 W4UVA clubs. Alumni desire to meet us for a designated Alumni weekend, dates TBD.
  • Parts: Bert to request votes for reimbursement of RF chokes (to eliminate RF pickup on ethernet cable into PC) and postage stamps.